dimanche 8 novembre 2015

Batman and Two-Face 24

Batman and Two-Face 24 The big burn : First strike
Writer : Peter J. Tomasi
Art : Patrick Gleason
Color : John Kalisz
Edited by DC Comics
on december 2013
E.A.N. 7-61941-30641-4

First, I have to say I love Two-Face. I got a Lego Two-Face tattooed on my right wrist. He is probably my favorite Batman's villain. I love the character and his story, his bright and dark side, that duality which tears him apart. Here, the story changes, first very bad point. Why change something that is perfect? To something that easy and insipid? I do not like changes, I hate insipid changes, even more when it touches one of my favorite characters ever!! Art is all right, not always very beautiful, but that's okay.

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