samedi 31 mars 2018

White knight 6

Batman : White knight 6
Writer : Sean Murphy
Artist : Sean Murphy
Colorist : Matt Hollingsworth
Letterer : Todd Klein
Covers : Sean Murphy, Matt Hollingsworth
Edition : DC Comics
may 2018
E.A.N. 7-61941-34919-0

First, I want to explain why the dates of the press-books are always after their actual release. I read it in that book. In fact, it is not the release date, but the date on which the book should be removed from the shelves because there is no longer any reason to be sold as novelty. So, this being said, it's time for praise, because yes, as usual, this album is absolutely brilliant, there is nothing to throw away, everything is excellent. The only downside (if we had to find one) would be the speed of the transformation into Joker (woops, spoiler alert), but even that is sublime. I love this series and I'm looking forward to seeing it coming out from Urban Comics. And you MUST, all of you, read it !!!