lundi 24 avril 2017

100 bullets 1

Collecting the first five issues of the senses-shattering 100 bullets series and a gripping short story from Vertigo : Winter's edge, 100 bullets : first shot, last call is a provocative tale that's one part hard-boiled crime story, one part paranoid espionage thriller, all served in a highball with a Vertigo twist - shaken, not stirred!

100 bullets 1 First shot, last call
Writer : Brian Azzarello
Artist : Eduardo Risso
Colorist : Grant Goleash
Letterer : Clem Robins
Covers : Dave Johnson
Edition : DC Comics Vertigo
february 2000
I.S.B.N. 1-56389-645-1

It's been a long time since I read this series. And that's a shame! I love it so much, the story's perfect, a real masterpiece. Art is wonderful, so alive and violent. That first shot is the perfect beginning for that perfect story. I think this is my favorite series of all time!