samedi 9 avril 2016

Batman Judge Dredd collection (the)

When the champions of Gotham City and Mega-City One meet head to head... Who is the law? Find out in this explosive collection of frag-tastic tales showcasing the two most uncompromising heroes ever to bring justice to the streets (plus a special guest appearance by a certain bounty-hunting cigar enthusiast)!

The Batman Judge Dredd collection
Writers : Alan Grant and John Wagner
Artists : Simon Bisley, Cam Kennedy, Carl Critchlow, Dermot Power, Val Semeiks, John Dell, Glenn Fabry, Jim Murray and Jason Brashill
Colorists : Digital Chameleon and Gloria Vasquez
Edited by DC Comics
on january 2012
I.S.B.N. 978-1-4012-3678-6

This is flippin' great!! I love those two characters, the Batman and Judge Dredd. They are all I love about super-heroes : they are not super-heroes! They are two violent fascists that hate bad guys forgetting to see how bad they are! When they are together, it's far much violent than when they're on their own. I love that. Artists here are great, stories are easy but much efficient. I already read this and that stories (and already loved them). I'm rather fond of that book. It's so mean and stupid!! Good job everyone!