jeudi 29 octobre 2015

Batman and Robin 18

Batman and Robin 18 The sum of her parts 2
Writer : Paul Cornell
Art : Scott McDaniel and Christopher Jones
Color : Patrick Brosseau
Edited by DC Comics
on february 2011
E.A.N. 7-61941-27973-2

I think I already read this, but I'm not sure. It is very good, story is very good, The Absence, the villain is very, very cool and art is beautiful. I love it.

Batman confidential 50

Batman confidential 50 Parallel
Writer : Marc Guggenheim
Art : Jerry Bringham
Color : David Baron and Jerry Bringham
Edited by DC Comics
on january 2011
E.A.N. 7-61941-25326-8

First story is from Identity crisis I think. I don't have this one, I want it, but I don't have it. And that looks so cool. Second story is an old one. Art is awful, story's not so bad, but really, really for an older reader than I am. Even if I'm very old.