lundi 19 octobre 2015

Catwoman 54

Catwoman 54 The replacements
Writer : Will Pfeifer
Art : Davis Lopez
Color : Jeromy Cox
Edited by DC Comics
on june 2006
E.A.N. 7-61941-22906-5

Since I have neither the beginning of that issue, nor the end. I'm curious. I don't really want those, but I'm curious. The story is not that good, not good at all I'd say, the art is not good at all neither. But the idea is so great, it could have been so cool, I would have liked to read the rest of it, just to know.

Secret six 1

Secret six 1 Exposed
Writer : Gail Simone
Art : Brad Walker
Color : Paul Mounts
Edited by DC Comics
on july 2006
E.A.N. 7-61941-25344-2

I don't like Cat-Man at all. This is a stupid boy scout playing bad boy, I hate that. But this story with the Secret Six is very cool. And the art is really beautiful.