samedi 9 juin 2012


The Joker, the world’s most psychotic killer, has been granted parole. But after he commits a heinous crime, the madman cleverly frames Batman in the court of public opinion. While the media hover like vultures, ready to convict before all the facts are in, the world’s greatest detective is determined to clear his name by proving the Joker’s guilt. But this quest is made even more difficult when the clown prince of crime threatens someone from Bruce Wayne’s past – bringing back tormented memories that Batman has kept hidden for years. Will Batman be able to discover the Joker’s secret plans, or will he be destroyed by his own demons?

Batman : Secrets
Scénario et dessin de Sam Kieth
Couleurs d’Alex Sinclair
Édité chez DC Comics
en janvier 2007
I.S.B.N. 1-4012-1212-3

Sublime. L’histoire est sublime, les dessins sont sublimes, les personnages sont sublimes, les textes sont sublimes. C’est sublime.