jeudi 1 mars 2012

Freak show

A humble man, lonely at heart, seek out the rejected «special people» of the world, taking these misbegotten outcasts under hi swing in a traveling show of oddities, performing from town to town. In his kind, yet lonely journey, this man of compassion also seeks something else, a mate –someone to love—willing to return all the kindness he’s shown his less fortunate troup of oddities. When he finds that someone, his life is complete... until her pregnancy. She gifts him with a «special» child of his own. His fury at God and the world for such a betrayal, drive him to a state of revenge and hatred that reveals his true inner seelf.

Freak show
Scénario de Bruce Jones
Dessin de Bernie Wrightson
Édité chez Image
en décembre 2004
I.S.B.N. 1-58240-466-6

Une histoire d’une tristesse accablante, noire comme je les aime, racontée avec ce vieil anglais qui donne du cachet à n’importe quelle blague carambar. C’est très beau, et super bien illustré. Superbe.

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